Just Let Go

I have just found really excited with this article. Maybe i just let them go…

I know. It’s just easier to keep that garage full of crap that hasn’t seen the light of day in a decade. I mean, there is always that minute possibility that each of those items could possibly be used at some point.


I am amazed how we as human beings are capable of having such higher thinking power than every other mammal out there, yet we can’t seem to trash the Thighmaster that looked amazing with the beautiful Suzanne Somers using it, but looked even better just sitting in the corner not being used. People, it should not be so hard to rid items that truly have little meaning in your life. I am not even speaking of general minimalism here either. I am talking about ridding stuff that isn’t being used. Sure, I want and think you should be able to reduce to levels you probably think are extreme right now, but my first step goal is to get you to let go of your emotional attachment to worthless stuff.

The key to this is being honest with yourself. I can’t make you do anything (despite my desire too). You have to take your life in your hands and say, “What is important to me?” Are your kids? Okay, then throw away all the crap laying in your yard so they can actually do this activity called ‘Play Games‘ out there. Is having a pimped out man-cave of your desires? Okay, then clean out and trash 90% of what is in your garage and build a dungeon where you can be-a-guy with a flat screen tv and leather couches. You have to ask yourself, “Does this thing or things contribute to the lifestyle I want?” If not, TRASH IT.

The emotional tie we have to stuff is ridiculous. We must break that bond to develop a stronger identity of our own lives meanings.

Ask yourself honestly this question right now: “From where I am sitting, can I throw away one thing right now?” If you say, “YES”, GREAT JOB and go do that. If you say, “NO”, then ask yourself if you are being honesty or not letting go.

It’s tough ladies and gent’s, but just like your baby blanket and daughter going off to college, you MUST let go of your stranglehold on stuff.

***Hold up! You aren’t done yet. Your homework = Take the next 5 minutes, go through your home, and throw out 5 non-perishable items. Then report back here in the comments what you threw out so I can grade you. You are dismissed***

David Damron
The Minimalist Path


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